Cheap Flights to Adelaide

There are many reasons to visit southern Australia, especially if you catch one of the cheap flights to Adelaide. If you fly in from Sydney you’ll be treated to a fantastic view of this beautiful city. The Adelaide airport is almost the closest one to a big city of Australia.  To find out morte about Adelaide visit the SA Government website

If you didn’t know that this gorgeous city in southern Australia was recently voted to be the most livable one on the whole continent, now you do! Fly one of the direct lines from any major Asian city, and catch one of the low-cost airline specials. Or make a round trip if you already live here, to Asia and back!

On the ground, you can explore more than 725 restaurants, pubs and other eating venues. The metropolitan beaches are only a short 20 minute drive away and you’ll find great eating establishments there too!

If it’s shopping you’re looking for, check out this cosmopolitan city’s retail district. When you’re tired of that, take a stroll through one of the many museums or art galleries. North Terrace boulevard is an art district worth your while, believe me. Last but not least make sure to visit the great zoo, and say ‘hi’ to Wang Wang and Funi, the giant pandas. Not many zoo’s in the world have giant panda’s left, and if they aren’t on the Endangered Species list, they should be.

The weather in South Australia is very beautiful much of the time. It has long summers, and believe it or not, mild winters. It’s not unusual to reach 95 degrees fahrenheit! You can really get sunburned down here if you’re not careful!

After exploring this beautiful city, head out to the country regions to see some fantastic land formations and wildness beauty. You can go there by car or small plane, or be brave and ride the transcontinental train, named The Ghan, all the way north to the Arafura Sea.

And don’t forget this is WINE COUNTRY! Take a fun wine-tasting tour by hot air balloon and never want to go back home again! You’ll get a chance to blend your own wine. Or go diving in a shark cage. I’ll take the wine tasting and skip the sharks, thank-you.

Another not-to-be-missed adventure is nearby Coober Pedy. It’s an underground world not to be believed! There are retail shops, churches, museums, EVEN HOTELS and they’re ALL UNDERGROUND! Most first timer’s say they feel like they’re on the moon because of all the cracks in the land from prior years of mining. And that’s another fun thing to do: go mining yourself, for OPALS! Now who in their right mind doesn’t like opals?

So you don’t need to head to Brisbane or the Gold Coast for excitement! Do yourself a favor and stray a bit further from the touristy cities, where American’s run amok. And European’s, who may be the worst. No, that’s a coin toss. Just go visit Adelaide in southern Australia. You’ll be glad you did, especially if you make it on one of the many cheap flights to Adelaide.